Here We Go Again

The song from Mama Mia that goes “Mama Mia here we go again….” is playing through my head.  Here we go again seems to be a theme around here.  After a few days of lying around, Joel needed some purpose so he decided now was a good time to start remodeling our master bedroom.  Sadly, I am having to sit this one out because of the baby.  Believe it or not but I love a good deconstruction project.   It has been weird not being in on the action but I am really excited to see the finished product.

Lately, I have really been digging the Swedish Country Gustavian style. According to the Decorologist,  it is a style that is “marked by grayed pastels, lots of whites and creams, painted furniture, clean simple lines and fabulous lighting.”  Gustavian style is a mix of the formal and informal, comfortable and refined, and the elegant and the rustic.   Let me give you a few pictures to better explain.

Ahh I just love it!  This style is easy to look at and makes me feel at rest. So this will be what I’m going to try to capture in our master bedroom.

Like I said, deconstruction started this week and we are hoping painting will start tomorrow!
Since I couldn’t participate we called in back-up, our friend, Mike.

Thanks Mike for everything!

As you can see the walls under the drywall are solid wood so it has taken a few days to take all of it down.

This is what the room looked like this afternoon.

Our bedroom is a wooden box!  Which is going to look so fabulous painted in a cream color.
Speaking of cream color, color is something we are having a hard time deciding on.  This is what we are leaning toward right now.

Sherwin Williams Summer White for the walls.

Impressive Ivory for the ceiling.

Greek Villa for the trim.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates.

With love,


4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. LOVE IT. The pictures of your inspiration r all really pretty. I could totally see any of the spaces being in yall’s house. You have great taste! The wooden walls are so cool btw the fresh light colors will really brighten it up while the wood underneath will add texture. eeek thinking about it is making me excited lol. have a good day ❤ Julia

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