A New Master Bedroom

I’m going to take a little break while a dresser I’m painting dries.  We finished our master bedroom!!! In less than two weeks, wow this sets a new record for The Rescued Home.  The room feels so wonderful and new, it is going to be a nice retreat for us once the baby gets here!  Now all I want to do is decorate it and be done but I know the room will evolve over time.  Because we completely changed our color scheme and style of the room we are pretty much having to replace everything from window coverings to bedding to accessories;  so, it may be a while before I post pics of the completed space.  Here is what the room looked like when we moved in.

 I can remember the first night sleeping in our new, very old and dingy bedroom.  The smells were funky and the sounds unfamiliar.  I remember wanting to be back in our carpeted, well air-conditioned, freshly painted apartment.

Shortly after we moved in, we painted the cracked walls just so we had one room that was some what put together where we could rest.

This is what it looked like up until two weeks ago.

 Here is our newly remodeled, freshly painted master bedroom.

Joel removed the dry wall, insulated the walls and added crown moulding and a picture rail.

The colors we used are all Sherwin Williams colors.

Antique White (instead of Impressive Ivory) for the walls.

Summer White for the ceiling and top two boards on the walls right above the picture rail.

Greek Villa for the trim and picture rail.

I love it soo much!  I am most excited about the picture rail.  In older homes, the walls were usually plaster therefore, pictures had to be hung from a picture rail.  I can’t wait to show you the drama that will be added to the space once I get a few pictures up.

With love,


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