July Finds

July turned out to be a fun shopping month for me!  I stumbled onto a few estate sales that had some great treasure and I want to share it with you.  At the beginning of the month I found these amazing chairs.

They were taken from the Southwest Texas University auditorium when it was remodeled years ago.  Southwest Texas, now Texas State University is the university located in our city and where I went to school.

At the same sale I found this bowl.

 A few weeks later, after taking an afternoon drive with Joel, we found another estate sale where I purchased these two dressers.

and this desk.

And of course I hit up a few thrift stores and found this lamp

and this frame.

The print is going in the trash but the detail on the frame is what caught my attention.

I was most excited about this Craigslist find, an early 1900’s dress form.  I think she will go in my bedroom!

I even came home with some “road kill.”
This shelf was sitting by my neighbor’s curb after they moved out and it will become my new bedside table after a fresh coat of paint.

There it is folks, all my treasure!  Stay tuned for next month’s finds.

With love,


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