The Baby Reveal

Last Wednesday was such an exciting day for me and Joel.  I felt like a kid waiting for Christmas morning!  We went to the doctor for our 20 week check-up where we would have a chance to see the baby and find out its gender.  We decided we were not going to find out the gender at the doctor’s office but wanted to have a special reveal.  I had heard about reveal parties where people would cut a cake or open a box of balloons to find either the color pink or blue.  I loved the balloon idea but I wanted pictures to capture the moment so arranged a photo shoot with my friend, Amy.

Ok so here is how it all played out.  We received the results from the doctor.  Then we took an old trunk we had to a local florist, along with the results.  We told the florist to fill the trunk with whatever color was appropriate for the gender of our baby.  Then we went back, got the trunk and drove out to our photo shoot location to open the trunk.  Let me tell you, the drive to the location with a trunk full of blue or pink balloons was the most exciting/nerve-racking experience. After what seemed like the longest drive ever we arrived at our location, set up and this is what happened next.

It was the best day! And now I can’t wait to design HER nursery!

With love,


7 thoughts on “The Baby Reveal

  1. That’s so exciting!! I saw your reveal on facebook and was happy for you two. Your daughter is going to be blessed to have the two of you as parents and the reveal photoshoot turned out absolutely spectacular. 🙂

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