Stretchy Pants and Paint On The Walls

I did something today that I have never done before….I shopped in a maternity store. Yep, I bought stretchy pants!  And to tell you the truth I don’t know if I will ever go back to normal jeans.  It is so wonderful to have a large spandex band holding up my jeans.  Before I went into the maternity store I stopped into a few of my favorite stores and left very discouraged after seeing that nothing really fit me right. Once I was in the maternity store I was soo encouraged, everything was long and stretchy, perfect for my growing belly!

Onto some other changes.  The student housing project I have been working on with Melodie from Primitive Modern Design is coming along.  This past week our lighting was installed and paint went up on the walls.  I love seeing paint go up, that is when the transformation really starts to come to life.  Here are some pictures of the progress.

We had two large drum lights installed over the desks in one of the main leasing centers.They need a little adjusting but they are going to look so good once the new furniture is in place.  The blue wall in the background will be painted Tango, a fabulous orange color by Sherwin Williams.

Remember in my last post I said we were having light boxes similar to these made.

The artist that made them did a wonderful job and they look amazing in the other leasing center.

The walls  have been updated from a muddy yellow, green to a soothing gray.

This space will serve as a lounge area right inside the roof top pool on one of the properties.  I can ‘t wait for you to see the new furniture in place.

What an awesome view out onto the pool that overlooks The Drag right off of the UT campus.

This fitness center once looked like a skating rink with purple and lime green walls.  It has now been updated with a crisp gray and cool blue.  The blue wall will sport a hand painted longhorn mural painted by a local San Marcos artist.

There are many other changes underway and I will update as soon as I can.  Many people have asked me about the nursery and I am dying to get started on it.  Can you believe I haven’t done anything to it?!?  I can’t, it so out of character for me but once I get moving on it I will post pictures.

Ok that is all for now.  Take care!

With love,


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