Student Living

I would compare this time in my life to funnel.  It seems like everything is quickly funneling down into a small opening.  It is crazy being 9 months pregnant at the holidays.  Life is so busy this time of year and everything in me is trying to resist so I can rest and enjoy these last few weeks before baby.  I had to tell myself it is ok if everything on my many lists does not get done before she arrives, including her nursery which is still not finished!  I told Joel the other day I greatest pressure I’m feeling is wanting to finish the nursery so I can write a post about it!   He just looked at me and said “you’re silly.”  I have to agree!

Well I have been wanting to share a finished project with you.  At the end of the summer,  Melodie Schleder from Primitive Modern Design brought me on board  to help tackle a student housing project next to the UT campus in Austin.  I absolutely loved working with Melodie and have learned so much over the past few months.  I finally made it back up there to snap a few shots of the finished spaces.   The project consisted of two main leasing spaces, two fitness rooms, offices, a great room and a pool lounge.

IMG_2855 (1280x788)

IMG_2859 (997x1280)

IMG_2853 (1280x744)

IMG_2856 (1052x1280)

IMG_2834 (1179x1280)

IMG_2833 (1019x1280)

IMG_2863 (731x1280)

IMG_2832 (663x1280)

IMG_2867 (1280x849)

IMG_2842 (955x1280)

IMG_2838 (778x1280)

IMG_2852 (1280x997)

IMG_2851 (987x1280)

IMG_2827 (1280x853)

IMG_2810 (853x1280)

IMG_2813 (888x1280)

IMG_2820 (1280x596)

IMG_2822 (766x1280)

We worked with some great companies on this project that I have to give a shout out to.

The artist from Blackout Signs who created the “VENUE” light boxes and painted Longhorn mural, John Durant from Durant Design Interiors, the creator of our “Austin City Limit” Les Niveaux piece, and Jeff Bullard from Avenue B Development.


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