Eliza’s Room

It is finished!!!!  I did it, I finished Eliza’s room before she got here and I love how it turned out.   Joel told me he thinks it is my best work yet.  I’m not one to brag but I think I’m going to indulge a little on this one.   I love it!!!  I’m so excited for the many years that she will get to spend enjoying and growing up in her room.  I wanted to create a space that was feminine and not just girly.  A space that wouldn’t need to be changed from a baby nursery to a little girl’s room in a few years.  So let’s start with the inspiration pictures.

In the post, Guest Room Inspiration that I wrote nearly a year ago, I found pictures that inspired the wall color choice and the look we wanted to capture in the space.  It is so crazy because as I looked back on the post I saw that it was posted January 9th 2012 and Eliza’s due date is January 10th!  A baby wasn’t even really on our radar at the time we started dreaming of what the space could look like.  It is so cool to see those dreams and visions come to pass almost exactly a year later.  Here is what I wanted to capture.

A room that was warm and glowed like the tent from the movie, The Holiday.


A room that reflected the time period and style from the movie, Out Of Africa.
A room that had the juxtaposition of rough and soft textures.

Out of Africa[1]



A room that had the colors of a Gala apple


and an English Rose.


A room that was feminine like a delicate tea-cup


and antique lace.


As I look back I think I did it!  Ok I won’t delay anymore.

I give you… Eliza’s room.

IMG_3135 (882x1280)

IMG_3153 (926x1280)

IMG_3142 (866x1280)

I saw angel wings like this in an interior design store years ago and have wanted to make them ever since.  I stumbled onto a tutorial that showed how to make them out of cardboard and paper mache.  I can’t believe how they turned out!  The only cost was the gold spray paint.

IMG_3132 (980x1280)

I made her fitted crib sheet and bed skirt out of inexpensive fabric from Hobby Lobby

IMG_3145 (1280x853)

and a full-size lace bed skirt I cut down.

IMG_3146 (1280x853)

Her changing table is a $50 estate sale find.

IMG_3183 (799x1280)

IMG_3177 (690x1280)

IMG_3185 (655x1280)

IMG_3166 (950x1280)

I made pillows for the full size bed we decided to keep so we would have a place to sleep during our late nights.

IMG_3163 (1280x673)

The bed had a linen cream-colored bed skirt I cut apart and remade into a burlap skirt.

IMG_3019 (1280x853)

IMG_3220 (1280x713)

IMG_3169 (702x1280)

IMG_3217 (813x1280)

The picture collage wall has a mix of antique prints, baby reveal pictures, an antique baby doll dress and shirt and a blank frame for a picture of Eliza.

IMG_3215 (871x1280)

IMG_3203 (536x1280)

IMG_3206 (1280x1070)

IMG_3208 (611x1280)

IMG_3202 (1280x953)

I am so thrilled for her to see it! I hope she knows how loved and cherished she is.

With love,


6 thoughts on “Eliza’s Room

  1. WOW!!! You’ve done it again. It’s amazing. I love how you pulled from inspirational pictures to make a completely unique room. It seems so inviting and cozy. Eliza will love it!

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