I would say the nesting bug is in full buzz at The Rescued Home.  I got a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas, the kind that doesn’t lose suction, and it is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  I’ve already vacuumed all of our base boards twice!!!  For some reason it is all of a sudden very important for our house to have clean floors and laundry.  Everyday that Eliza stays put is one more day of opportunity to cross one more project off my many lists.  Joel said one thing he knows is that I don’t struggle with laziness!  Everyone keeps encouraging me to take walks but I spend my whole day on my feet walking from room to room working on projects.  In the past week I took down all the Christmas decorations and put everything back in its normal place, helped Joel stain a table, did a little decorating, bought fabric and made curtains for my living room, finished making roman shades for our bedroom (that need a little help but it is looking like I will have time to work on them) and painted a sign for Eliza’s bathroom.  My sister-in-law said Eliza needs to hurry up and get here or her mom is going to redo the whole house!  I have to agree that may just happen.  Here are some pictures I snapped.

A little decorating…

IMG_3227 (1280x894)

IMG_3228 (1280x816)

IMG_3229 (1280x1003)

IMG_3238 (1280x853)

I put a few empty picture frames around the house that we can fill once our little bundle of joy gets here!

IMG_3244 (891x1280)

My new linen living room curtains…

I made these out of apparel fabric.  If you can’t find what you are looking for in the home decor fabric section don’t rule out apparel fabric.  This fabric was 52″ wide, only two inches shorter than home decor fabric.

IMG_3259 (963x1280)

IMG_3260 (977x1280)

Roman shades for the bedroom…

I’m working on adding additional panels for more privacy.  Hopefully I can finish them and snap a few photos in the next few days.

IMG_3264 (1235x1280)

Painted sign for Eliza’s bathroom…

We found this piece of wood in our attic.  It was part of the ceiling on the original back porch.

IMG_3274 (903x1280)

I printed the letters off of my computer and traced the letters onto the board using graphite paper, then painted them with left over sample paint we had in our paint closet.

IMG_3276 (1280x677)

I finished this project before Christmas but I love how it turned out and I wanted to share it.

I have been wanting to hang hooks in Eliza’s bathroom ever since we finished it two summers ago.

IMG_3222 (990x1280)

I found this board under our house with this amazing color and patina already on it.  I cut it down and had Joel attach the hooks.

IMG_3223 (1280x928)

I love the pop of color you see right when you walk into the bathroom.

IMG_3226 (676x1280)

I’m grateful I am getting to cross things off my lists but I’m really ready for Eliza to be here!  I will be holding her in my arms any day now!

With love,


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