Newborn Photo Session

Ok I have attempted to write this post several times but when it comes to a shower or post I choose shower every time.  I want to share these aaammmazing photos we had taken of Eliza when she was three weeks old.  My friend, Bethany, with Two Times Photography came to the house one morning to capture us in our new roles.  Bethany is such a talented and creative photographer.  We loved working with her and seeing her in action.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a photographer to capture a special event.  Check out her work at

ElizaNewborn-100 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-108 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-74 (852x1280)

ElizaNewborn-18 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-49 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-71 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-63 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-9 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-58 (852x1280)

ElizaNewborn-92 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-117 (1280x852)

ElizaNewborn-114 (1280x852)

I am so grateful we have these pictures of our baby girl!

With love,


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