A Little Yard Work

I’m here on my in-laws back porch enjoying the beautiful Texas sunshine and some much-needed R & R!  My in-laws went skiing for Spring Break and we needed a place to retreat to, just the three of us, so we are here lounging around in our pjs, watching tv, reading, writing and eating junk food.  Life is good!

This is how Eliza is enjoying her time away.

IMG_3329 (1280x1055)

She was 9 weeks old this past Sunday!  I love being her mommy! Everyday I fall more and more in love with her and Joel.

For the past two months I have been sitting on our couch watching home improvement shows, dying to get my hands dirty.  We had some free time last weekend so we decided to do a little work in our yard.  We put in front flower beds last spring and plan on working some more on them this year.

Here is what the yard looked like when we bought the house.

march 2009 010 (1280x960)

Here it is last spring after we put in new beds.

IMG_1471 (1280x853)

A huge improvement!

 I have been admiring the rock in these flowerbeds for the past seven years.

IMG_0587 (1280x751)

 I love how natural and organic they look, like they have been there for years.  My favorite kind of outdoor spaces are ones that look like they naturally happened there.

IMG_0588 (1280x502)

IMG_0586 (1179x1280)

So last weekend we loaded up in the truck and headed to the rock yard to find some rocks.  We came home with 1,500 lbs of rock!

IMG_3323 (1280x782)

IMG_3322 (935x887)

This is how it now looks when we do projects…with a little one in tow!

IMG_3324 (1212x1280)

After a few hours this is what we came up with.

IMG_3328 (1280x537)

IMG_3327 (1280x516)

They are going to look great once the plants grow in.

I was so sore the next day but it was the best feeling to get to work with my hands again.

With love,