A New, Old Front Door

It is a rainy, spring day here in San Marcos, Texas!  It is wonderful, my little one is laying next to me sleeping, my curtains are pulled open and I’m watching the rain fall. What a good day!  I love spring because everything seems to glow.  All the new leaves look flourescent and full of new life.   Here is how Eliza and I have been enjoying spring…

IMG_0611 (960x1280)

just lying around in our yard.

The past few weekends have been productive ones around The Rescued Home.  We started the remodeling process on the outside of our house in the fall of 2010 and it is still not complete!  We are still chipping away at it.  Joel was able to get some sanding done and the first coat up.

IMG_0626 (1094x1280)

IMG_0628 (960x1280)

Since I can’t help Joel with the painting I have worked on smaller projects.  This past weekend I decided to paint our front door.  It needed a fresh coat so I thought I would go with a completely different color after looking through my latest Country Living magazine.


What caught my attention was the colors on the seed box.

thumb-243x400[1] - Copy

I loved the blue-gray  letters, with the lighter blue accent against the yellow.  Since our house is yellow and I have a light blue bench on my front porch I decided to paint the door in Homberg Gray, a Sherwin Williams color.

I saw a tutorial on one of my favorite blogs, Jones Design Company.  She painted her house numbers on her door and then gave a tutorial on how to do it, including free downloadable numbers.  Here is the link for that tutorial.

I just love our front door! It has a great story behind it, we bought it at one of our favorite architectural salvage shops, Pieces Of The Past for only $100.  It originally hung in a 1920’s school-house in New Jersey.  When we first brought it home it needed to a little work, well actually a lot of work.  And on top of all the work it needed it didn’t even fit in the door frame because our house was soo wonky.   Joel and my very talented father-in-law had to push, pull, bang on, and shim the frame so the door would fit.

the door 016 (960x1280)

We ended up painting it red and I have loved the red for the past three years.

IMG_0613 (954x1280)

But I think I like the blue-gray color even better!

IMG_0635 (947x1280)

IMG_0637 (1280x960)

We have plans to build window boxes (I will share that tutorial) and paint them the same color as the door.  Oh they are going to be soo charming!

With love,


9 thoughts on “A New, Old Front Door

  1. I am commenting on an old post, sorry. I just found you while reading about shiplap. Did you sand yours prior to painting it. Many thanks for reply… Regards, Susie

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