The Buffet

I have said before that the buffet in my dining room is my most favorite spot to decorate. I like it even more now that the dining room is redone.  I was hoping to have completed the redo on my pie safe by now but we had a little hiccup in the refinishing process so I will post that as soon as it is done.  So in the meantime I will share some pictures of my freshly decorated buffet.  The hilarious thing about my buffet is I never use it as a buffet, I always have decorations on it!



I love how it kind of has a vintage school-house feel with the chalkboard wall.
(I’m going to have to work on my handwriting if I’m going to put it up on my walls!)


IMG_3741 IMG_3742


I love my “Off for the honeymoon” post card I found at a flea market for 25 cents.  What caught my attention is the look on her face!


Do you have a favorite decorating spot in your house?

With love,


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