Dining Room Redo Part 1

So the conversation went something like this….

Joel: I want to do something fun with you.
Me: Ok well if we do something outside it has to be in water or we need to find something to do indoors.
Joel: Want to redo the dining room?
Me: Ok! (not totally sure what he has in mind but TOTALLY pumped about the possibilities)

An hour later we found ourselves measuring the dining room, making a material list and heading to Lowes.  This is what I love about our relationship, we know what we enjoy and we have fun together.  I would follow Joel into any adventure!  Yet, I don’t consider myself very spontaneous, Joel would argue I am the very opposite of spontaneous.  I don’t like it when plans change actually I get really frustrated when plans change.  I set my course then I don’t deviate except when it comes to any project on the house especially when he suggests it as a form of entertainment.  We do all of our projects on a very strict budget and often plan months in advance before we take one on.  We have done all of our remodeling with cash except when we had central ac and heat installed.  So you can only imagine my excitement when Joel said I think we can find some room in our budget to work on the dining room.

Joel has been wanting to put up board and batten paneling somewhere in our house and the dining room seemed like the perfect place for it. The space that we now call our dining room was originally a sleeping porch and was later closed in and used as a master bedroom.  We converted it to a dining room because you have to walk through the space to get to the second bedroom.  This room was one of the things that made me fall in love with the house before we bought it.  I loved the wall of windows across the back and how the natural light beamed in.

The house April 2009 032

We started our interior remodeling journey over three years ago, in the dining room.  This was the first time I experienced demo, putting up drywall, putting up crown moulding, using a miter saw, drill and nail gun and a whole slew of other DIY firsts.  I loved the finished space.  It was exactly what I had envisioned.

Here it is after we remodeled it.

IMG_1451 (1250x1280)

IMG_1446 (853x1280)

After our trip to Lowes we ran into the storm of the year! We pulled into a gas station in a weak attempt to save our cheap plywood! You should have seen us once we got home, running eight foot sheets of plywood across our front yard and into our front door. HILARIOUS!

photo (2)

We started by setting up shop in our laundry room.  We have an awesomely-big, disgustingly-dingy laundry room that serves as a workshop during projects.


Then we adhered plywood to the wall using adhesive and a nail gun.  The room looked awful with the pinky/peach plywood.



Eliza got her first lesson in how to use the nail gun.


Once the plywood was up we put up the batten pieces.



Once those pieces were up we primed it all.


It took us a week and a day to complete our little Sunday afternoon project.  I have to say I am pretty impressed with our speediness especially with a 6 month old that is teething and wants to be held constantly.

Stay tuned for the finished space. It is quite the transformation!!!

With love,


Here We Go Again

The song from Mama Mia that goes “Mama Mia here we go again….” is playing through my head.  Here we go again seems to be a theme around here.  After a few days of lying around, Joel needed some purpose so he decided now was a good time to start remodeling our master bedroom.  Sadly, I am having to sit this one out because of the baby.  Believe it or not but I love a good deconstruction project.   It has been weird not being in on the action but I am really excited to see the finished product.

Lately, I have really been digging the Swedish Country Gustavian style. According to the Decorologist,  it is a style that is “marked by grayed pastels, lots of whites and creams, painted furniture, clean simple lines and fabulous lighting.”  Gustavian style is a mix of the formal and informal, comfortable and refined, and the elegant and the rustic.   Let me give you a few pictures to better explain.

Ahh I just love it!  This style is easy to look at and makes me feel at rest. So this will be what I’m going to try to capture in our master bedroom.

Like I said, deconstruction started this week and we are hoping painting will start tomorrow!
Since I couldn’t participate we called in back-up, our friend, Mike.

Thanks Mike for everything!

As you can see the walls under the drywall are solid wood so it has taken a few days to take all of it down.

This is what the room looked like this afternoon.

Our bedroom is a wooden box!  Which is going to look so fabulous painted in a cream color.
Speaking of cream color, color is something we are having a hard time deciding on.  This is what we are leaning toward right now.

Sherwin Williams Summer White for the walls.

Impressive Ivory for the ceiling.

Greek Villa for the trim.

What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates.

With love,

risk and a few house updates

Last night around 3:30 I woke to a very loud crash coming from the other side of our house.  Joel shot out of bed, flung open the bedroom door, and charged across the house.  Meanwhile, I sat in our bed trembling and praying that there wasn’t a scary man in our house!  Turns out, and I’m not surprised, that it was a metal shelf that was mounted to our laundry room wall that had waaay too much stuff on it.  I was so glad to see the sun this morning and to have the peace of knowing we made it through the night safe and sound.  I’ve been thinking about last night and Joel’s response.  He chose to, without fear, jump up and confront whatever could have been invading our lives.  He took a risk! He had no idea what was in our laundry room but he was willing to give up his life and the security of our bedroom in order to protect us.  This is love.  This is friendship.  In the Bible Jesus says there is no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for his friends.   I think that statement is loaded with the possibility of risk.  I am learning when you love something you go all in for it.  You risk it all.

Now onto another subject, the house, our beloved Rescued Home.  We are well acquainted with risk when it comes to working on our house.  I feel like every new project we take on we say, “ok we are going all in on this one and will not stop until it is completed.”

We started on the outside of our house in October 2010 and it is not yet finished.  We thought it would only take 6 months and now, a year and a half later, we are still chipping away at it.  This is definitely a labor of love!  Other than repairing the foundation, this has been the hardest part of the restoration so far which makes working on it really unappealing when we have free time.  But, over Spring Break we buckled down and knocked out quite a bit.

Here you can see the aluminum siding that covered the original siding.  When the aluminum siding was put up all of the trim work was taken down so we are having to replace all of it.

We have decided that painting is not the hard part but all the prep work before.  Thanks to a paint sprayer we can knock out the painting once the sanding and priming is completed.

 Joel also installed this lovely dishwasher that we bought nearly two years ago. It is our habit to head for the clearance section every time we go to a home improvement store. We purchased this beauty for 75% off the original price!

I love it! It is so much quieter than our old one and actually cleans the dishes!

Back to risk taking.  What are you being asked to take a risk on?

With love,

A New Look and The Life Of A Home Remodeler and Decorator

Did you notice anything new?  The Rescued Home blog got a new look!  I even figured out how to get a picture of me on the home page.  I have wanted something new for a while but haven’t taken much time to work on it.  It kind of frustrates me, I’m definitely not web savvy and I would much rather be painting or rearranging something.  So when I’m in a good mood I search through tutorials on WordPress and try to figure it all out.

I started writing about our home last April after realizing people wanted to hear about this hilarious journey we are on, learning how to be home remodelers.  I have wrestled with what kind of blog I want to write.  For a while I wanted it to be a DIY blog and wanted to grow it really big and be known for my blog.  I would stress out when I hadn’t written in a few days and feel like I was failing at writing a blog.  But then I realized I would much rather do the DIY project instead of tell others how to do it.  So I settled on the realization that my blog will be a place to share life as a home remodeler and interior decorator.  And along the way I may share DIY tips and some life lessons God is teaching me.  It fits me.  I can rest in that, instead of beat myself up by trying to be like all those other great DIY blogs out there.  And let me say there are some women out there that write some amazing blogs. I tip my hat to them and am so inspired by their creativity.

What does the life of a home remodeler and interior decorator like?  Well, for the past three years we have lived our lives looking to the next project, planning for it, saving for it, and searching the internet and magazines for ideas.  We drive to small towns and look at the architecture on old houses and buildings.  We often laugh at ourselves and say its amazing we have any friends our own age because we act like we’re 50!  We are intentional in how we spend our money since we have paid cash for everything.  We are always changing our minds on what we want and often ask ourselves if we are crazy.   Most of the time our house is covered in a thin layer of dust.  Our laundry room is where we store over 4o buckets of paint and our power tools.  Our garage is full of saw dust and building supplies.  There is always some sort of project going on whether it is a house project or something I’m working on for a customer.  We are always looking for inspiration.   As a couple our communication has been sharpened and refined as we have learned our own limits and each other’s.  We dream big together.  We believe anything is possible.  We look at a project and with great confidence say “we can do that!”  We love every minute of it, even when we think we don’t.  It has become part of us, it is part of our love story.

I was looking through old pictures of the journey and wanted to share them.

Our families have been an amazing source of encouragement.

We have done hilarious things like planting trees in the middle of a drought

and refinishing our front door in the office because it was too hot outside and one of the few places in our house with A/C.

We have broken a few windows

and have had to overcome any fear of heights or small spaces. Well, Joel has, we are still working on me!

We have left love notes in and all over the walls.

I have learned how to use power tools!

We have even had snow.

We spend a lot of time covered in dirt and grime.

Our weekends and vacation time are filled with painting

and great contentment once a project is completed.

It is a crazy life!

With love,

Craft Closet

When we started remodeling the guest bathroom we made the decision to keep the backside of the old bathroom that had been built out into the guest room because it houses some of the plumbing.  This left us with an awkward 4′ x 2′ space that we decided to turn it into storage and I claimed it as my craft closet.  For now it stores supplies I use for my house and work such as paint supplies, fabric and home decor items.  If the room becomes a nursery then we figured we could store kids stuff on the shelves in baskets.  In order to get my house back into one piece I had to finish out the closet quickly and did not have a lot of extra cash to buy storage so I purchased a few plastic shoeboxes and fabric for a curtain and used what I already had.  It is everything I dreamed it would be, and is completely full!

Here is the original space.

Here is the finished space.
I found ticking for less than $4 a yard that complimented the room color, made two panels and hung them on a $2 tension rod.

The top shelf holds home decor items.
The second shelf holds plastic shoe boxes filled with small items like shells, ribbon, small home decor items and upholstery supplies.
The third shelf has baskets and a wooden crate that holds projects that I’m working on.
The fourth shelf I used vintage Pepsi crates to hold some home decor items, paper and frames.
The fifth shelf has a wooden crate that holds paints and bottles, my sewing box and a wire basket that holds paint samples and paper work.
The sixth shelf holds my sewing machine, a lamp shade I will repurpose and a wooden crate that holds floral supplies.
The bottom holds two large plastic tubs that are full of fabric.  On top of the tub on the left is a basket full of my home decor magazines or what I like to call my “text books”.  On top of the tub on the right are baskets and serving trays and some left over wall paper I will use on a craft project.

The plastic boxes were $1 each at Wal-Mart.

I found all these wooden crates at a garage sale for $10 over a year ago and have not had a place for them until now.

My sewing box is an old suitcase that belonged to my grandmother.

I found this wire basket at a thrift store for a $1.

The rest of the room is slowly coming together.  I am just loving what I have already done, the finished product is going to be lovely!

With love,

The Guest Room Is Finished!!!

We did it! This is the fastest remodel in The Rescued Home’s history, 21 days!  Our goal was to finish in 5 days, I think we had some unrealistic goals but they sure did put some fire under our butts.  Now, I have to put our house back in order, it is absolutely filthy.   We finally took down our Christmas decorations.  Every time I looked at them and the layer of thick dust that covered them I was reminded that we were not yet finished with the remodel.  I experienced such freedom after we shoved the Christmas tree back into the attic.

I think we are going to take a break from projects for a while, we need rest.  Here are some highs and lows of the whole process. To see the beginning stages of the remodel click here (All of the posts are archived in Dec. 2011 and Jan. 2012).

High: See another space transformed
Low: See our whole house turned upside down in order to get there
High: Refining our home remodeling skills
Low: Not having every home remodeling skill
High: A beautifully wallpapered ceiling
Low: Must I say anything:) Click here to see our wallpaper post.
High: Making memories with Joel
Low: I don’t think there is a low for that
High: Laughing hysterically at midnight
Low: Having to spend an hour chasing a bird out of our house at midnight. Click here to see post.
High: Having a new space to decorate
Low: Not having any money to decorate because we spent it all on drywall, caulk, insulation, paint, wood and crown moulding

Ok, I’m going to stop talking and let you see for yourself.

This is the first thing you see when you walk into the room.  The bed will be on the wall on the left.

The entrance to the room is on the left.  The new closet is on the right.

The finished closet! New light and all.  After this picture was taken this space quickly filled up with Joel’s hobby stuff.
I guess he can have a closet too.

My finished craft closet.

This wall is going to be home for a row of theater seats we own and have yet to find a place for.

 These past four weeks have been so precious.  I have grown as a person in so many ways and will always remember this time in my life as the time God showed up in powerful and intimate ways.  Thank you for joining us on another one of our many adventures.  You are always welcome!

With love,

Guest Room Inspiration

Good Monday everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  This weekend was a juggling act for us and every minute of our time was scheduled except for last night so we spent our Sunday evening watching a movie, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn.  It was a nice ending to a very busy weekend.  Because we had so much going on this weekend I feel like we didn’t get very far on the guest room but I wanted to share because I am super excited about the progress we did make.  I have also been inspired and that is what I really want to share.

I have some very good news, the wallpaper is up and staying!!!
And I do have to say, it looks fabulous.

 The walls also got their first coat of paint, Ligonier Tan by Sherwin Williams.

With every stroke of the brush or roll of the roller we would look at each other and say, “Do you like it?” and the other would respond, “I think I like it.”  This is a color I wouldn’t typically pick, it has a lot of orange in it and I tend to choose yellows and greens.  But I was feeling adventurous and wanted to explore color.  I knew I wanted the room to feel warm and soft.  After it dried we decided we really like it.  As we were painting we were trying to describe the color to each other.  We said it looks like desert sand dunes, or fresh-baked bread, or canvas from a African safari tent.

 All these descriptors really motivated me to share with you the vision behind the room.  We usually get a vision for a room before we start tearing into it.  I think these visions of the finished space is what keeps us going.  Currently, the space is used as our guest room but one day it may be a nursery so we wanted to paint it a color that could be neutral enough for a boy or girl.

The things that inspired me for this room was this tent from the movie The Holiday.

I love how whimsical and romantic it is.

I was also inspired by the movie, Out Of Africa, one of the movies that ignited my dreams of Africa as a little girl.

I will decorate it with creams and golden hues and maybe a splash of red mixed with vintage and organic, rough elements.

  If the room is a nursery for a girl (disclaimer: I have to say this for all my girl family members and friends.  We are not pregnant… just dreaming)
I would want to use these colors, all by Sherwin Williams.

Creole Cottage

Cavern Clay



And these are the objects/images that inspire the look I would want.

Gala Apples

English Roses

dainty tea cups

and antique lace.

If it was a nursery for a boy these are the colors I would want to use.

Burnished Brandy

Cupola Yellow

San Antonio Sage

Oak Creek

And these are the objects/images that inspire me.

Nursery from Restoration Hardware

antique world maps

safari tents

and burlap.

Oh how I love to dream!

With love,

The Guest Room Gets Wallpapered

We closed up shop around 11 last night.  I was covered in drywall mud and wallpaper glue!  This was our first attempt at wallpapering and we thought it would be fun to try it on the ceiling.  If you have never put wallpaper on the ceiling well let me tell you it is no easy task!

Funny story,  it was late and we had been working all day and our patience was running low.  The night before we tried to start wallpapering but the glue wasn’t strong enough so it kept falling.  Joel’s solution to getting the wallpaper to stay in the corner was to staple it.  I told him people have been wallpapering for years without stapling, we don’t need to staple it!  Then last night we had successfully put up two runs of paper and were attempting to hang our third but it wouldn’t stick, the glue was drying too fast.  Joel said just staple the corner.  I said in a very tense tone “what is up with you and stapling wallpaper?”  It was quiet for a few minutes then he busted out laughing.  In a very serious voice I asked why he was laughing.  So, here we were standing on five gallon buckets, holding a 130 inch long piece of wallpaper, covered in glue, over our heads and he is laughing.  He then quoted my comment about stapling wallpaper and said that was a hilarious statement.  Then we both start laughing harder.  I told him he reminded me of the dad who was obsessed with Windex from the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Just put a staple in it!  We looked at each other and agreed we were done for the day.

We are hoping to have the wallpaper finished and primer on the sheetrocked walls by the end of the day.  That means painting comes tomorrow!  Hopefully, the whole thing will be done by Monday!  Here are pictures of our progress

The texture technique we are doing is called skip trowel.  It looks like plaster once it is painted and is a great way to hide imperfections created by amateur “drywall hangers”.

We have five more runs of wallpaper to put up.

Here is the wallpaper up close and you can see the nasty texture we are covering.

Stay tuned for more!
With love,

Thank You 2011 and Room Updates

I spent my morning reflecting on this year.  I reflect a lot, maybe too much!  I am so excited about 2012, I think it is going to be the best year yet!  As I reflected on all God did and all we accomplished I kept coming back to this question.  Did I love well?  I read this quote somewhere and I feel it captures my desire for life,” I’m not too concerned with what I am going to do. I am more interested in who I am becoming. I WANT TO BE A LOVER OF GOD AND PEOPLE.”  I just love it!  So, I asked myself, was I a lover of God and people?  Yes, I can look back and say I did love well. And no, there are times when I failed miserably at it but, I am so grateful for the grace that covers my life when I do fail at it.  As I head into 2012 my focus will not be getting in shape, making my house more beautiful, growing my business, or acquiring more stuff but it will be, I’m going to be a lover of God and people.  I think if I keep my eyes set on that goal all the other things will fall into place.

Ok now that I have that off my chest I want to update you on the guest room progress.  We are five days in and this is what we call the grind or the trenches.  It is the worst part but the great thing is that we know it will end.  What is the grind or trench?  It is the part of the project where the whole house is officially covered in dust and my floors look like this.

And my house looks like a construction zone.

It is when we see progress but it looks the worst.  It is when all we want to do is paint but we still have a list of prep work that needs to be completed.  It is when our bodies ache in the morning and we toy with the idea of leaving town for the day just to escape the huge task before us.  It is when the rubber meets the road and we have to ask ourselves, do we really want this?  I know we couldn’t do this if we were spurring each other on to the finish line.  Here are pictures of our progress.  We took out the door between our bathroom and the guest room. Here is the original view from our bathroom (I lost my shoe hanging spot).

And covered it with sheet rock. We also took out the small closet door and covered the hole.

Where we had cut a hole for the new closet we put in a new header and re-inforced the door way.

Then we moved the door that we took out, from the bathroom, into its new spot and put the shiplap back up.

And we sheet rocked the inside of the new closet and my new craft closet.

We also decided on a wall paint color, Ligonier Tan by Sherwin Williams.

Happy New Year!
I challenge you this year to be a lover of God and people.
With love,

Oops, We Did It Again

We rolled into San Marcos around 6pm on Monday full of good memories and ready to get back to life.  Our house was so clean and peaceful.
Then within a few hours our dining room looked like this!

Yep, we did it again.
Just when we think we can live like normal people in a normal house we go and do this.

When normal people are unpacking and resting after a very busy holiday,
we spend our time picking out paint colors.

So here we go trying to get in a guest room remodel before the end of the year!  That means within a year we would have had central air installed, insulated our attic, stripped and painted two sides of our house (Danny and Marsha, we will one day soon get to your side), and gut and remodel a bathroom and bedroom.  And on top of that we left the country for nearly a month and I have had a major career shift, leaving teaching to pursue my dream as an interior decorator.  It has been a whirlwind of a year but the best yet! I am so excited for this coming year, God is going to do some amazing things, I can just feel it.

Here are pictures of the room with everything out. There were some major cracks that we created when the foundation was repaired.  The walls also have nasty 80’s texture so all the drywall had to come down.

We are going to take out these two doors.  The one on the left is for a very small closet that backs up to the master closet.  When we remodel our closet we will incorporate this space into our closet.  The door on the right leads to the master bath so we close it in.

This is the new wall that separates the bathroom and bedroom.

This space will be my craft closet!!!! I’m super excited.

When we pulled off the sheet rock we found the walls are solid shiplap.  We are going to sheet rock one wall and leave two walls with exposed shiplap.

The door on the left is the entrance to the room.  The hole on the right is the new opening for a new closet.  In our minds we thought we will just cut a hole, put in a new door and tada have a new closet.  Well, when we cut in we found three studs that carry the weight of the roof for the back corner of the house.  So Joel found himself on the phone with his dad.  We usually work until we come to a point where we have no idea of what we are doing then Dan comes to the rescue!  We could not do this without his expertise.
Dan, I know you’re reading this, THANK YOU for all your help.

As we were pulling off sheet rock we found this old wall paper underneath.  We discovered that old wall paper was done in a two-part process. First, by nailing a cheese cloth like material to the wall then glueing the paper to that.

Today, we will put in the door way for the new closet and if the house doesn’t come crashing in on us we will move on to taking out the other doorways.  Pray for us!!!

We invite you along for the ride. Stay posted for more.
With love,