Finishing Touches {Final Dining Room Reveal}

Oh it is sooo pretty! Our dining room, I love it!!!!  Before the makeover it was my favorite room in the house and now after giving it its new look well I just want to be in the space all the time.  The funny thing is even though we have a new dining room we still spend many dinners in front of the tube. That is a habit we are working on breaking and now I feel I have an even greater reason to break it.

Because I love this space so much I took a lot of pictures so here they are.














IMG_3910      IMG_3793





After we put the new color on the walls in the dining room I realized it looked awful with the color in the living room.  It looked very bumblebee-ish.  Black walls in the dining room, yellow walls in the living room equals bumblebee!  And I actually never really liked the color in the living room so since the dominoes had already begun to fall it only seemed natural to repaint the living room.  I will post pictures of our freshly painted living room soon.

I want to give a shout out to one of my faithful readers, my granny.  Thank you for loving me so much and for your faithfulness to me.  Glad we can stay connected via The Rescued Home.  Love you!


With love,


Dining Room Redo Part 2


A few weeks ago I told Joel I want to take more risks with the décor in our home.  I don’t feel like I am a huge risk taker when it comes to our home.  I usually play it safe with color or the accessories I put in it.  I think my desire to take more risks is a theme that keeps showing itself in every area of my life.  I don’t want to spend my life clinging safety.  I definitely don’t want to be foolish but I most definitely don’t want to live in fear of the what-ifs.

So this room redo presented the perfect opportunity to take a risk.  After putting up the board and batten paneling we were trying to decide on a color.  The room needed to be repainted but we were stuck between painting it the old color, Garden Sage by Sherwin Williams or going in a completely different direction.  We chose a completely different direction!

I had seen black walls in a few magazines and on Pintrest and loved the contrast of dark walls and light trim.  We thought maybe dark blue or green would look good but we just couldn’t land it.  Then I said lets paint it with chalkboard paint and we can draw on it for holidays or write scripture or notes to each other.  Joel said ok and so it was decided.


                       IMG_3674  IMG_3679


Stay tuned for the post on the pie safe makeover.

In order to draw the eye to the windows I painted the window sashes in Latte by Sherwin Williams.


Here is the before, after and after one more time.

Original before

The house April 2009 032

After first makeover

IMG_1451 (1250x1280)

IMG_1446 (853x1280)

After second makeover



This room is an ever evolving room! I am in the process of making over the pie safe and will share the post as soon as it is completed. Also on my to-do list is,

A tutorial on how to get great looking window treatments on the cheap
Hang new art work
Makeover the dining table
Add a few new accessories

I think this room is going to keep me busy for the rest of the summer!

I want to add another thought. Here I go on my over analytical thinking.  Hope it makes sense.

I don’t think the risks I am taking define me.  What I mean is that they are not who I am.  I am learning that if God asked me to give up my home and all the “risks” I get to take with it I will not loose my identity.  I will be ok and will still have worth!  Does that make sense?  I don’t want the risks I take (or the lack of risks I take) to be a response to fear I want them to be an overflow of the security I have in Jesus.  I want my answer to be yes when God calls me to take a risk no matter how scary it is.  My home and the way it looks is not who I am.  But I do think the risks I take are a reflection of what God is doing in my heart.  The longer I know God the more secure I become and the less afraid I am to step out in faith.

With love,